Twisted Mind

by Siknis



First and last EP/demo of a Turku-based death metal band.


released April 1, 2010


01 Test #9
02 The Shepherd of Sin
03 IQ Less Than Zero

Length: 11:25


All songs written by Jarno Salo
All songs composed by Siknis

Vocals by Jarno Salo
Guitars by Iiris Kosonen & Miikka Rosten
Drums by Tomi Ruohonen
Bass by Lauri Niemi

Recorded at Noisecamp Vähä-Heikkilä Studios by Joona Lukala in March 2010
Produced by Joona Lukala & Iiro Kosonen
Mixed & mastered by Joona Lukala

Promotional pics by Hanna Mattila
Artwork by Marjaana Nukarinen
Logo by Iivari Mokelainen


all rights reserved



Jarno Salo Turku, Finland

Musician, nerd, engineering student, professionally trained chef, craft beer and outdoors enthusiast.

Vocalist at Y2Koo and Audio Engineer at Punnu Games

Here is mostly stuff that I have made because of boredom/need to experiment/self-therapy/too much time. Enjoy, or don't.

I can make some stuff for you too!

Most of my music is free to use on your projects (see license under each release).
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Track Name: Test #9
Let this toxin fill your veins, feel the pain of 1000 canes.
Injecting KCl through the day, how can you still remain? Now,
another dose inside, and hope you will finally die. And so
he is laid to rest, get another one, ahead with this test.

Ahead with this test!

This is my own twisted game of playing God, except
I'm the one who's shedding your blood.
No more crucifixion, no more resurrection,
time to get back everything that is given to you.

I need another specimen, get rid of those who are now rotten.
Now fasten straps on him and we'll get grim on him.
Would someone, please, gag him? Can't stand that screaming... Thank you.
Test number nine, this will hurt a bit in your spine.

[solo: Iiris]

[solo: Miikka]

Ahead with this test!
Track Name: The Shepherd of Sin
What is that smell, some young flesh?
So pure & innocent, sweet & fresh.
To satisfy my hunger, I must taste some,
Make them lick my choda, eat my cum.
Pound them until this night is over.
Again, again, I still have boner.
Be my slave, woman, share your cave.
Tomorrow you will thank off what I gave.

With my staff I lead you,
Like a messiah, to a land new.
I gather my sheep and herd them,
Treat 'em bad and condemn to hell. (x2)

Stop the nagging, prepare for gagging.
Your throat is mine, fucking to the spine.
Blow my dick until you are sick.
Suck, don't stop, woman, you useless bitch.
I will shag & bag, I will crack your back.
I will reach so deep, you will start to weep.
I will penetrate, until you will break.
I will shoot my seed, until you will bleed.

Promises to be all yours, a slave for thee,
To take it to the base, all the twenty-three
Centimeters of it, into her beaver,
"I obey your every order", or so she says.

Track Name: IQ Less Than Zero
Hey you moronic twat, you hideous nimrod, would you die?
Do you even understand why I hate your kind?
How can ever someone like you even manage to breath?
I don't know and I'm upset because I want to see you dead.
Everywhere I'm going to, there's one of us and two of you,
retards should not have the right to breed, nor to fill our land.
Hey dear mister motherfucker again, please just die.
Learn to fucking understand why I hate your kind.

Heads bashed to the wall, skulls splintered, pieces on the floor.
My hunger for your blood is growing stronger, slowly, day by day.
I rip your guts, and your bowels, peritoneum, acid to your gullet.
I watch you slowly fading away and dying, biting the dust.

Everywhere I'm going to, some blood will flow, I'll leave a mess,
shattering spines and taking lives like reaper among us.
My hate, it burns like purgatory, scorching useless people away,
for your mistakes, all your misdeeds, I will make you pay!
My anger, it will strangle you like noose made of barbed wire,
fear will rise to higher level, reaching even impossible spire.
It's your personal hell on earth, your precious world on fire,
scream for help 'cause no one cares, ain't this world so dire?


[solo: Lauri]


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